Tax Information

How do I pay property taxes?

There are several options for paying property taxes. View options under the Treasurer's Office.

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How do I view property tax information?

Property tax information, including FAQ's, due dates, payment options, how to read your bill and more can be found under the Treasurer's Office.

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How do I change the mailing address on my tax bill?

The Ohio Revised Code requires that all address corrections be made in writing to the Montgomery County Treasurer.  The easiest way to request a change is to complete the information on the back of the return envelope provided when tax bills are mailed.  You can also download thePDF Document Icon Change of Address Form, fill it out, and then mail or fax it to the Treasurer's Office.  When requesting a change of address, please list all parcels on which the change should be made.

After downloading the application, print and mail, fax, or deliver to:

Carolyn Rice, Montgomery County Treasurer
Taxpayer's Service Department
451 West Third Street
Dayton, Ohio 45422-0475
FAX (937) 496-7652

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How do I get a credit or refund on an overpayment of property taxes?

 If there is an overpayment made on the first half collection, the overage would be credited to the second half billing. If taxes for the full year are overpaid, you must request a refund and submit proof of payment. Overpayments do not always belong to the owner of the property. Mortgage companies and other lending institutions can make incorrect payments. Also, payments made at time of closing sometimes cause overages that belong to a previous owner. Following the second half settlement, the Montgomery County treasurer's office will send a letter to inform you of any overpayments in excess of $25.00. The letter is sent to the address listed on the tax duplicate. This letter will indicate the amount of the overage on the parcel and the proper refund procedure. Over payments of $24.99 or less will be credited to the next tax charges that come due on the property, unless a refund is requested.  Recent overpayments made to the Treasurer's office also display on the Taxes tab of the Montgomery County Treasurer's web site  Download the Application for a Refund.

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Where do my tax dollars go?

Real estate tax dollars are collected for the county, school districts, townships, cities, joint vocational schools, and the library.

The county's dollars are divided between the general fund, community college, Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, Park District, and human services levies. Townships and cities dollars go for such things as police and fire protection, roads, etc.

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Why did my property taxes go up?

The two major reasons for higher real estate taxes are additional levies and increases in property values.

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How are my property taxes calculated?

As required by the Ohio Revised Code, the Auditor's Office establishes a market value for all properties in Montgomery County.

The Auditor's Office then computes real estate taxes by first multiplying the one half of the assessed value (35% of market value) by the total tax rate of the district in which the property is located. This gross half year tax amount is then multiplied by the district reduction factor (either residential/agricultural or commercial/industrial) to determine the reduction credit.

The reduction credit is then subtracted from the gross half year amount to give a net amount prior to rollbacks. All properties receive a 10% credit from this net amount. Owner occupied property is also eligble for an additional 2 1/2% credit on the home and one acre of homesite computed on the net amount (valued on the home and the one acre). Additional credits such as the $25.00 City of Dayton credit and/or the homestead reduction may be used to determine the final net amount due per half year.

Any special assessment charges (street lights, incinerator charges, etc.) certified to the Auditor's Office would be added to the net real estate tax charge.

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